Trust in Post Truth, Post Expert world

So when we hunted on the savannah who did we trust? We trusted those we knew, at first hand, to be trustworthy. We lived with a small group, hunted with a small group and everyone knew who didn’t pull their weight. At most we might trust the view of someone we trust, if we didn’t have first hand experience. Those close experiential groups allow networks of trust of about 20 (a form class) or 150 (a year group) to develop.

So now we live in a much larger, more complex world who do we trust? One good exercise is to imagine you hear a fact or piece of news. Ask yourself what you do to decide you believe it. Two strands of thought will most likely emerge. One will be the nature of the source, the other will be how closely the fact aligns to what you think might be true.

And now we can see the post truth, post expert conundrum. If we believe things we want to think are true then that leave sus wide open to the echo chamber of post truth news. And in a post -expert society, where we might prefer to hear the views of our friends than an authority on any subject, is it much wonder we really don’t know what to think?