BIG Five: Ted Turner

Our final member of the BIG Five is Ted Turner, the father of 24 hour news. As founder of CNN there is no doubt that Ted Turner pioneered the 24 hour news machine, which many would argue has become a ravenous beast of our modern times. Sam Hurst may have brought us a smaller world, but is was Ted Turner who gave us a faster moving one. Long gone are the days of the daily newspaper and the none o’clock news (yes, it was 9 not 10 back then). Now news channels run continuously and they need news – they need updates, reactions, developments and they need them now. The news cycle may well be said to be part of the decision making process rather than an observer of it. As well as this impact on decision making, the amount of continuous news allows the issue of authority to be important – fake news rises in the forest, where it would be easily spotted in a more barren landscape. We have no choice but to live in the faster world – but we should at the very least be aware of how is shapes rather than reflects the reality we live in.