Big FIVE: Sam Hurst

Our next of the Big FIVE is Sam Hurst, who whilst working at the Oak Ridge Labs was on of the team responsible for the early days of touch screen technology. Nowadays that technology is responsible for driving the relentless moves towards a continuously connected world. We are not only in constant touch but communication has made the world shrink. This is not a new process. The use of the horse made  a world shrink compared to that of foot travel. The canals, the train, the car and the plane each in turn made the world just a little bit smaller. And each time there was a consequence. No more individual kingdoms in England; station clocks properly synchronised and concern over exports. There were also reactions – the more global and homogeneous we become the more we focus on the local and the different. That is the tension at the heart of the modern shrinking world – made all that much smaller by tapping the screens given to us by the work of Sam Hurst.