BIG Five: Craig Phillips

My next BIG Five is Craig Phillips.

It was as the new millenium started  in 2000 that reality television arguably began, as the Big Brother format came to our shores. The first winner was Craig Phillips, the first man to be famous for being famous. And that is the transformation I want to share with you today.

You are the first generation to seriously consider being famous as a career. In 2010 a survey showed that 1 in 5 of young people name being famous as an ambition, alongside being a doctor or an engineer.

The key to understand this change is that this is being famous as an end in itself, not as a consequence of success in a career.

Also, why would you wish to be famous anyway? Being recognised, reduced freedom, interference?

I urge you to find your passion. We have many famous Old Boys’. And some of you in this hall will indeed be famous. But I urge you to pursue your passion first, what you are good at. Then excel, then be famous as a consequence, not as an aim.