Another important and less glamorous characteristic – organisation. Any doubt about whether it is important would be removed by a glance along the shelves of any management section in a bookshop – endless books basically about getting organised, being efficient, prioritisation.

So some basic first tips. You will need somewhere to write what you are doing when. It can be the student planner, a diary or the iPhone, but it must exist. Don’t imagine you can remember everything – you won’t.

Then predict the predictable, don’t be surprised by routine events. Just know they happen and get on with them.

Sort out the urgent from the interesting and know which you should be doing. Try, as far as possible, to do things now that could be done now. Don’t pretend you work well to deadlines – it is not true. You may get the work done, but you won’t do it well.

And don’t worry that planning spoils spontaneity – it doesn’t, it makes time for it. If you know what you have to do, know when you can do it then you also know when you can do what you like.