The next characteristic – be creative. If empathy was something girls can do better than us, then creativity is needed as a characteristic because it is the last thing that computers will do better than people. And we need to develop those characteristics that mark us out from the machines, make us useful and employable.

If you don’t think technology can change and eradicate whole sectors of employment look around you. Think about the railways and canals built in Victorian times – huge amounts of labour now replaced by the hydraulics of a JCB. Blockbusters Stores eradicated by the internet. So look at jobs and think about why, in time, a computer could not do it. The answer is bleak, except where we get creative.

This is somewhat odd given that in mainstream education creativity in under threat, just at a moment when it might be the only thing that matters.

So, like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, get ready to think a thought that no one has had before. It is probably the only way you will earn a living.