Our ‘Character Card’ identifies six attributes to develop: the first is empathy. Empathy is clearly about feelings and we are in boys school! Feelings may not be a natural topic of conversation. Yet they will have to be. Far more than ever the emotional, the connected, understanding people is what success is employment is about: gone are the days when this could all be set aside. And, of course, without undue stereotype, this is a race¬†we may well begin behind the start line compared to the girls.

So what do we do? If nature, for some reason, perhaps leaves us behind then we must look to nurture this character attribute. First, see if you can work out what you feel. You will need to give yourself time to think . You will need to stand outside the moment. Then move to try to understand how someone else might be feeling.

A simple first tip. Whenever someone does something, don’t focus on the what, ask yourself why? This is like the doctor needing to treat the cause not the symptom. Understanding why is not only a better way to move forward, you will also have developed the characteristic of empathy.