Character – modern men

Long ago it was obvious what men did – hunted, protected, fought … Even a generation ago it was more obvious (although not necessarily correct). The rate of change in male roles is phenomenal as the role of women changes

Be in no doubt your future will not be as our past. Girls outperform in the tests for 5 year olds, at GCSE and are now a majority in University, especially on selective courses. If we think of the human as animal, look to see how young makes get on in other species. They are most often evicted from the pack/herd, bond with each other, fight each other and only some survive. Young male bollocks adorn our steak plates, whilst the young cows graze on. The purpose and necessity for men is not all that clear if we look to nature, certainly not in the numbers we have.

And there is good reason for all this. If you take Maslows hierarchy of needs we see that modern living takes us far beyond the basics of food, water and safety. This is what the men did. Modern life is focused on the higher needs – love, friendship, esteem and fulfilment. Not obvious discussion topics in the quad at break in a boys school!

This term we will look at how we might develop character to fit this new reality and seek to discover what it is to grow up as a modern man.