The Leverhulme Legacy

19th September 2015 would have been the 164th birthday of Lord Leverhulme. To mark that occasion and in our Anniversary year, the school archivist Eric Fairweather has created an e-book on the Leverhulme legacy. So what, briefly, is the Leverhulme Legacy at Bolton School. William Hesketh Lever made his fortune in selling soap and developing the ‘Lever’ part of the current international company ‘Unilever’. A social development minded philanthropist he became involved with and financed the merging of the Boys’ Grammar School and the Girls’ High School in Bolton in 1915 (hence our centenary as a Foundation). Arguably his son, the second Viscount, endowed the buildings we see today. Inheriting many schemes from his father and mothballing a few in the hard times of the 1930’s he recognised the great benefit of the Bolton School project and saw it through. It would be the third Viscount who as Chair of Governors would see the school as it is today, when the remaining link between family and school is his daughter, Emeritus Governor The Hon. Lady Jane Heber-Percy.

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