Mervyn Brooker

Mervyn Brooker was my immediate predecessor, leading the school for just over five years until 2008. A Cambridge educated geographer and first rate cricketer, Brooker embraced the ethos of Bolton School, having been Headmaster of a prestigious Birmingham state school. It was time for the school to modernise again, as had been the case during each tenure. Brooker brought his colleagues and many of the schools procedures into the necessary paradigm of the age – he had a strong concern for careers education beginning the excellent work we have today; his love of cricket sowed the seeds of our recent success; he introduced the learning support department in the form we have developed today. There was external curriculum reform and he led the school through that. And, as ever, there was building. He was instrumental in the first few years of the Executive Committee, a formal coming together of the leadership of both schools. Through that he was influential, with two different Headmistresses, in the most recent developments: Beech House, the Park Road extension, Hesketh House and the Riley Centre. An immensely humble yet engaging and hugely generous man, his example has left a mark on the school, as we saw when he came to speak to us recently about his work in Nepal following the Earthquake.