Baggley: From Beatles 60’s to Yuppie 80’s

Following someone who had led the school for 33 years was a huge undertaking and David Baggley was certainly  up to the task. He had commanded torpedo boats in the war and came to Bolton having shaped his school leadership style at King Edwards in Lytham. If Poskitt built the school largely as we know it today, then  Baggley consolidated the ethos we recognise – a concern for academic study in which he nurtured sixth form success; a focus on the Outdoors through the purchase of Caultley; some academic links with the Girls’ Division (which was quite a new idea) and the drive to aim to develop leaders of the future. He also responded to the changing world around him – after all this was the Headmaster who saw the school from the Beatles to the Mobile Phone. Computing came to the school, the Sports Centre was built and DT facilities extended. Outside school Baggley was hugely influential in the movement to promote Assisted Places, the scheme that replaced Direct Grants and began the Open Doors Bursary Fund on which we still build today. He was Chairman of the HMC and appointed CBE. He may have been only (!!) 17 years at the helm but the impact Baggley had on the school was notable and was recognised in 2014 by the naming of the Baggley Room.