Alan Wright

Following Baggley Alan Mitchell was acting Headmaster for a year. A footballer and scholar of distinction he was a safe pair of hands for the school until the new Headmaster, Alan Wright, came from his post as Head of Chemistry at RGS Newcastle in 1983. We now begin the history of the school known to many colleagues and where those involved still come to school from time to time. Wright had a strong pastoral instincts as well as a good academic pedigree and the caring and character development in the school today can trace many of its roots to this time. As before, there was building work to be done – the new pool built and the old pool converted to the Arts centre we know today was opened by Princess Diana in 1993. Understanding the capacity of the Outdoors to build character Wright moved the school on from Cautley, via Robin Cottage, to Patterdale Hall where that part of school life is still based. Tenacity of Bolton was built and the Assisted Places scheme Baggley had worked hard for was removed in 1997. The school was led through these challenges, until Wright retired to the Lake District in 2003 after 20 years in the Headmasters Study.