Poskitt: The 30 year Headmaster

Headmaster Poskitt arrived as a young man in 1933. A distinguished classicist in the pre war years he brought academic rigour to the school as a routine, where previously that may have been the exception. He appointed some terrific teachers, whose names now form the lexicon of those names remembered by Old Boys of this era. He was destined to be the second war time head of the 20th century – shelters were built in the Boys Quad and Dobson Road quad (the sign to one shelter is still in school today). Fire watching took place coordinated from the pill box (still standing) and the pig club began. Refugees from Guernsey lived in Beech House. After the war building continued. What Percival Smith had begun Poskitt completed – the east wing in the 1950’s and the north wing opening as he left in 1966. A plaque in the music department in the north wing marks that occasion. Without doubt those in school at this time are some of the foremost examples of social mobility – boys of Bolton families realising their immense potential: McKellan and Kroto to name just two.  After 30 years at the school, appointed CBE by the Queen, Poskitt retired in 1966 to be succeeded by Baggley who steered the school from the swinging sixties to the 1980’s yuppies.